Ojamu Turns Powerful Brands Into Marketing Geniuses

Ojamu is paradigm-shifting consultancy designed to elevate and streamline your marketing, media, and influencer campaigns.

If you were to ask our clients, they’d say we’re industry disrupters with a single focus — to help brands filter out the noise and find the perfect balance between creative genius and data-driven decisions.

Ojamu is comprised of marketing minds, groundbreaking engineers, and brilliant data scientists who leverage insider knowledge and analytics to push you into uncharted territories.

There’s a reason our clients consider us their best kept secret.


Our Formula

Ojamu is built on the understanding that marketing and media teams need more data and transparency to thrive.

We’ll help make your team stronger by offering analytics-driven strategies based on crowd analysis, user interaction predictions, and so much more.


We Bridge the Gap

Ojamu bridges the gap between creative hunches and and data-driven insights that can literally fuel audience growth, interaction, and campaign success.


Insider Data

Our processes leverage insider data used to help your creative teams work faster, more efficiently, and with greater success.


Competitive Edge

It’s all about uncharted territories and giving you the fuel you need to gain a unique competitive edge that sets you apart from the rest.



Smart Brands
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Ojamu can help elevate your brand’s marketing, media, creative, and influencer campaigns to new heights.

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