We Filter

Out the Noise.

Our extensive experience in marketing and data science helps brands find crystal clear marketing, media, and creative clarity.


Guiding Principles

Personal & Honest

We build real, honest, and direct relationships with our clients so that they can get the insights they want and the value they need, without the usual “games” that marketing agencies and consultancies tend to play.

Direct & Transparent

We’re direct and transparent because we’re tired of all the sugar coating that goes on. We believe this is a huge part of what has been wrong with the marketing and advertising worlds for decades — too much sugar coating and not enough transparency.

Data + Science

We leverage a fusion of science and marketing to innovate data-driven products and services that empower our clients to make the best creative decisions possible.

Disruption &
Insider Knowledge

We believe disruption is what brands need most right now. We’ve created a dynamic in which we provide exclusive, data-driven knowledge to those who want to elevate their marketing efforts.

Inspiring & Empowering

We’re not just another creative marketing or advertising agency, we’re here to inspire and empower brands to embrace their creative genius, using the power of insider data for greater success.


We’re dedicated to equality and inclusivity for all races, genders, and sexual orientations. In fact, we seek to be a champion for those who need support and guidance as they seek careers in marketing, data science, AI, and beyond.



Company Bio

Ojamu is the pinnacle of marketing execution. We bridge the gap between creative hunches, human authenticity, and data-driven decision making.

Our team of expert marketers, data scientists, and engineers work to support genius marketing teams as they work to develop dynamic content, SMM campaigns, press awareness, and reach untapped audiences.

We utilize groundbreaking technology that gives some of the top digital marketers an advantage attainable nowhere else.

You can always expect Ojamu to be one step ahead of the pack. We pride ourselves on being out-of-the-box innovators willing to answer the “whys” and “hows” of marketing with groundbreaking products and services.